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Vortically Enhanced Water

Our Process

Pure distilled water is used as a carrier of our charging process. The water is sealed in the holding tank and the charging tool is placed outside around the tank. After a prescribed time, the water inside has been permanently charged and restructured with the naturally enhanced energy, by a process known as "biomagnetic entrainment".

A hand holding a test tube full of enhanced water. Greenery in the background.

The Water Becomes "Charged"

The natural energy field causes the water molecules to restructure in a cold vortical form and rotate at high speed, as seen in our actual laboratory video shot by Randy Zeisenis, world renowned water researcher. Randy visually confirmed VEW as free high speed cold vortical rotating energetic molecules. Similar research is described by Dr. Gerald Pollack Ph.D. at the University of Washington's research on water's ability to hold charges and the ability to properly transfer it to the cells, if permanently structured as a Golden Mean Vortex.

The University of Washington has done theoretical research showing vortical energy collecting in specially structured water and how it charges molecules, causing them to spin and release photons for cellular health. The energy is then converted into usable energy by the body for life processes. It becomes vital to our health to use the most highly structured water available.

A microscrope image of tap water and what it's compound looks like.

Tap Water

Water molecules are damaged by the electricity and chemicals that are used to treat it.

A microscrope image of distilled water and what it's compound looks like.

Pure Charged Distilled Water

Vortical energy changes the molecules in the water allowing it to be used by the body.

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