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How it Works

The Starchamber Hypercharger

The Starchamber Hypercharger is a unique device conceived by Tom Mercer in 1976 to collect free energy flowing through space and all living and non-living things. No form of electricity or magnetism is used in the production of these forces as originally collected by the ancients.

These living vortexes, created in the pure water by this purely organic process, using no electricity, are inserted into the subatomic energy structure of absolutely pure distilled water. The water is transformed into "living particles of rotating light", according to Randy Ziesenis, Internationally known water researcher. Randy is a world-renowned molecular water researcher and has been recognized internationally as the authority on the operation of the inner workings of water as an atomic and molecular structure.

Microscope image of water dancing after being charged

VEW Water

The Starchamber has restored the way water absorbs natural organic energy. Our VEW water restores the natural forces of the Earth, for your personal use. These rotating hypercharged water crystals store energy like a battery, "disseminating their stored energy into whatever they touch," according to Randy Ziesenis. The water video is taken with a 20,000 power Ultra Darkfield Leitz Orthopian microscope. The spinning energy being released is clearly visible in his actual laboratory research video. We have a still picture from the video.

Note spheres of pure light flowing from the light.

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