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Our History

Tommie Mercer has been researching water for over 35 years. Researching ancient energy techniques of utilizing the full potential of water, he has combined and synthesized this information into a unique theory of how we may perfectly restructure and more fully utilize this natural energy to amplify the natural life-giving forces inherent in perfect living water for awareness and human health...if returned to its original deep underground vortical magnetic state.

A close up photo of water splashing on the ground

The Unique Aspect of Water

An often-overlooked aspect of water in its unique ability to take on and hold a charge of energy by forming crystals in its atomic substructure, reflecting the stored energy. Like a rose reflects color to the eye, the water crystals reflect color and the energy that has been loaded into their network. Many methods have been tried to achieve the perfect water crystal for the body to use and to recognize as natural and beneficial to its restoration and cleansing processes.

Unfortunately, we use prepared water stored in bottles, carried through pipes and treated for human consumption by various electrically charged antibacterial processes. Using these methods destroys the naturally occurring life force in clean, fresh, well water and clear aquifer water. Those waters all contain a natural Earth charge that can actually be measured when first taken from their source. All the processing eliminates the very reason we drink water - which is for the life forces released in the body when it breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen used in maintaining life.

Dr. Emoto at an event

How Did This Problem Start?

The problem begins when we bring water from wells and treat it with various chemicals and electricity. This was graphically shown in photographs presented at the International Water Conference held in Pasadena in May 2001. Dr. Masaru Emoto (pictured here) showed his research involved freezing water to subzero temperatures and then photographing the crystals that are formed to show the result of their exposure to stimuli.

The Proof is in the Photos

The pictures reveal that the water structure is severely damaged by electrical processing. Not even micro-clustering or any other process will recreate water's original cold vortex in the Earth, a perfect crystal of stored energy. According to many modern researchers.

A microscrope image of tap water and what it's compound looks like.

Tap Water

Water molecules are damaged by the electricity and chemicals that are used to treat it.

A microscrope image of distilled water and what it's compound looks like.

Pure Charged Distilled Water

Vortical energy changes the molecules in the water allowing it to be used by the body.

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