-VEW-Vortical Energy Concentrate
Pure Concentrated Light Energy
Our twelve ounce bottle of VEW -  Vortical Energy
Water concentrate is designed to use as a single
cap full poured into a gallon of your favorite drinking
water.  Made from
ultrapure distilled water.  This
can be used for enhancement and releasing the full
energy potential of herbal teas, remedies, bathing
and adding to just about any use you can imagine
where extremely enhanced energy is needed.  
Plants absolutely love this water! Add to sports
drinks for an extra boost in natural energy!  

Makes approx 60 gallons in solution per
This spray is not an air
freshener, it is an air energizer.  
It provides the effect of Native
American smudging without the
smoke.  Made with white sage,
sweet grass and Starchamber’s
“hypercharged” colloidal gold
distilled water.  Gold-N-Sage is
designed to clear your room or
aura of unwanted or negative
energy.  It is sun extracted, no
boiling and no preservatives.  
Just spray in the area you want
cleared or energized.  You can
spray it around your body for a
fast cleansing of the aura.  The
scent of fresh picked sage and a
hint of sweet grass fills the air
immediately.  If you like the effect
of smudging with sage but do not
like all the smoke, you must try
this spray.
Solar Silver $12.00
2 oz Dropper
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Gold-N-Sage $9.00  2 oz
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Laboratory photos of
controlled freezing of
bottled   water after
hypercharging with
pure light energy.  
The points of light
that are seen are
photons (particles of
light energy) frozen in
the water.  This is a
visual picture of the
perfectly structured
energy stored in
VEW, and released
into any bottled
water, or your body
with living organic Bio
Note destroyed
structure in
alkaline/Ionized water
Solar Silver $16.00
4 oz Spray
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VEW Concenrate
$12.00 12 oz
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Solar Gold
$24.00 2 oz
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BRAND NEW from Starchamber research-  24 Karat pure Gold
colloid made in a proprietary technique gleaned from years of
research using ancient methods and VEW hypercharged water
powered by the pure energy of the Sun, and no 60 cycle or acid
battery vibrations. Also offered is a pure fine Silver colloid
prepared in the same technique for maximum benefits.  Uses and
applications may be found in web research.
Enhanced by the addition of
pure VEW 24kt  gold colloid
water, lavender oil is amplified
to its highest frequency and
emits light filled lavender
vortexes into your space.
4 oz Spray
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New for 2019!
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Dream Tubes
Set of 8 $20.00
Order #DT005
Use these to explore the deepest dream
states and connecting to the id in deep
sleep for dream analysis.  To use- place
preferred color under pillow, in bath, or in
pocket for pure streaming color energy
emitted from the 24kt gold VEW water. Set
of eight includes clear pure gold colloid for
purification of the aura while sleeping.  
Drop in glass of water by bed overnight
and, color energy projects direct to aura.

tubes 2 inches by 1/4 inch..