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Tommie Mercer
Subtle energy Researcher

Tommie has been a  featured lecturer on his unique water research
technique for the Spiritual Frontiers International, teaching seminars at
Black Hills State University, South Dakota and Hypercharged water research
at the
Black Hills School of Mines and Technology, along with dozens of
major health expos and seminars around the U.S.

The research work was also presented at the
International Forum on New
on "High Energy Water Physics", sponsored by Colorado State
University and the International
Noetic Society in 1991, Fort Collins,
Colorado. Original lecture minutes are available for personal research.

Tommie has also appeared on over 25  nationwide radio programs explaining
his lifetime of  research on water.

We have traveled for over 25 years, lecturing at top Natural Health expos,
and teaching water seminars on research techniques of the lost ancient
cultures.  Tommie was featured as co presenter at the
High Water Energy
Conference and Expo held in Pasadena California in May 2001. His co
speaker was the late Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan, on natural water energy
research, together they presented the state of the art in photonic water
energy research techniques.

After a lifetime researching ancient energy techniques of utilizing the full
potential of water, we have combined and synthesized this information into a
unique theory of how we may perfectly restructure, and more fully utilize this
natural energy to amplify the natural, life giving forces inherent in perfect
living water for awareness and human health...if returned to it's original
deep underground vortical magnetic state.