Starchamber Products
"VEW water has definitely in one month changed my life(4 bottles). For me, I noticed slight effects the first day but on the
first week, I began to purge and heal.  Whether there is some relative effect of the high solvency of VEW to remove long
term, resident metals/minerals or there is some harmonic effect.  My experience was dark urine and the feeling my body
was less affected by gravity.  I have worked as a health counselor to athletes and the public for 12 years in orthopedics
and sports medicine with a focus on longevity and health.  My experience with VEW is the most exciting thing I have
discovered and used personally.  The core, for me, is that the universal nature of water means that when you improve the
water you ingest, your whole being improves. On a more pragmatic level, VEW is the best bang for your nutritional buck.  
It's d*** near magical!  I am a VEW drinker for life."  
J.B.Sebastapol, CA

Dear Tommie:
During my initial visit the Dr. did a urinalysis for about 10 items.  She got the test results and left me to make sure the
results were correct.  She then said "Pat, I can hardly believe this, but your urine shows absolutely no toxins at all. I've
been trying for eight years to get my urine to be as clear as yours." I responded, "Well, I have been drinking Tommie's
water for about two years now."

How's that for exciting news!  When the beneficial effects of consuming Starchamber H2O can actually be measured, it is
validating.  Not only for you, but for me, the consumer.  I've done my best to pay attention to the subtle changes, but this is
the most remarkable, indeed.  I'm looking forward to continuing Starchamber water for further benefits.  I feel as though I
glow from the inside out!
Pat K. Colorado

"The water helped my entire transformation process!"
Rev. LO Fort Worth, Texas

"My personal therapy includes the use of Starchamber water.  I have a higher vibrancy in my whole self!  Old
personal/emotional issues have cleared, as well as certain physical aliments.  I learned to have fun again and my moods
stabilized, with bouts of depression becoming almost nonexistent!  I add the water to foods and teas for extra energy!!"
J.L. Scottsbluff, Nebraska

"I wanted to share with you the first twenty four hours of drinking your water....i felt as i was so high i was about to lift off...I
could not sleep..Today I'm awake in balance.  When i talk I can hear my words come out more clear and smooth..I'm
feeling good!"
J.G   Chico California

"Spraying the 24kt gold colloid on my face produced fantastic dreams!"
L.B  MIssouri

Bought some Solar Silver made with the VEW water for a bad infection,  "feels like it's hitting what it's supposed
it's boosting my immune system!"
V.T.  Wyoming

"The energy is pure and beautiful..a rebirthing energy.."
H.R.   Paradise, CA