VEW 24KT Gold Colloid Powered
The Starchamber Watershields below are designed to transform natural energy stored in the
"charged" water inside to create a unique radio like wave over the entire body extending up
to 17 feet. This unique water is "charged" with VEW 24KT gold  colloids.  Each stone  is
unique in power and frequencies.  Dowser is advanced, and used for energy research as
well as detecting the quantum (quantity) of living energies in objects.  These are 4 stage
Tesla type vibratory devices intended for dream research, personal shielding and enhancing
Use only leather or non metallic cords!!
Double Helix
Carnelian Bio field
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Rainbow Water
Order #RBW
Lapis Lazuli
Water Shield
Order #LPS
Water Shield
Order #TQS
Pink Tourmaline
Water Shield
Order #PTS
Green Tourmaline
Water Shield
Order #GTS
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We have had so much inquiry on our newest Startool, the Light Workers Amulet, that I am writing here the technology, both
ancient antediluvian, and advanced personal subtle dream research into vortex field energetics using a portable
oscillation source powered by the bodies own electric fields. The amulet seen here was created with the concept of a
highly advanced dual Lakhovski resonant flat coil set powered by the Carnelian's special ability to take heat and produce
electricity, and magnetically transmit the forces through the iron naturally in this stone like an antenna.

Using our body heat and other environmental sources, we created a large vibratory field from the coils powered this way.
These fields have the effects of not only cancelling negative or out of frequency energy, they also restore and address the
wearers bio-magnetic fields with local and incoming natural Earth geomagnetic and off planet fields. The Lakhovski (Google
Lakhovski Coils) method of capturing and re directing the fields was a single effort for restoration of our natural balance
with our environment and nature.

Life and experience can sometimes disassemble the natural fields resulting in an out of balance mind spirit and alter the
actual state of the body auras. Using the built in piezoelectric ability and pyroelectric iron bearing quartz, the carnelian was
used extensively by Egyptian amulet designers for those attributes. When other designs were used such as a single spiral
in Lakhovski's work, they were found to actually bond with a design, spiral, or stones to change the actual output
frequencies of the talisman.

Typically these were used as guardians for negative energies as well as huge amplification in the Pineal causing visionary
properties. Starchamber designs incorporate both left and right pancake spirals, handmade, to counter and rebalance the
bio-electric fields of the body. This can be especially valuable for sentient sensitives and dream work as well as advanced
awareness due to the hypercharge placed into the amulet by the Starchamber chargers. Let us know if you have any
reflection visually from the amulet.....this is the state of the Jewelers energy art research for the future of new levels of
personal awareness. Tommie Mercer

Pyroelectric energy from
Carnelian quartz is charging the
device, and iron in the stone
magnetically connects body
energy fields by bioentrainment
and to the energy collected in the
Two reversed Lakhovski coils
cancel negative and rebuild
positive energy.
Light Worker
Order #LWS
Turquoise Watershield
Starchamber Dreamtubes
Dreamtubes Set of 8
Order # DTB

Our Starchamber Dreamtubes are the latest
development in our research on enhancing and
opening the possibilities of human awareness.  The
tubes contain pure 24KT VEW nano-colloidal water
with resonant chakra color added to release the color
spectrum into the electric bio aura of the body by
resonance, due to the release of high speed vortical
light seen in our video here.  The VEW waters gives
off aqueous luminaries with the diffusion of pure
organic bio electricity stored in our waters as seen in
the frozen photographs.  The tubes are 2 inches by
1/4 inch and made of pure flint quartz for natural bio

How to use them
Client reports, click here, show the following typical
uses and perceived effects.  Tube is placed in a quart
of distilled water and placed by the bed, tubes are
inserted into a pocket or personal clothing, Tubes can
be gently placed in hot bath for supreme effects and
also placed by a glass of water touching the side
overnight and then drink the water
after removing the
tube. Many just place the tube under their pillow.  
these are definately the next level for deep dream work
with the akasha and many other applications using
active color as told by a milennia of ancients and seers
to use for chakra stimulation.  The clear tube is pure
gold water for top clearing of all chakra fields by
placing above the head while sleeping or over the solar
chakra.  Many uses you may create yourself in