An often overlooked aspect of water is its unique ability to take on and
hold a charge of energy by forming crystals in its atomic substructure,
reflecting the stored energy. Like a rose reflects color to the eye, the
water crystals reflect color and the energy that has been loaded into
their network. Many methods have been tried to achieve the perfect
water crystal for the body to use and to recognize as natural and
beneficial to its restoration and cleansing processes. Unfortunately, we
use prepared water stored in bottles, carried through pipes, and treated
for human consumption by various electrically charged antibacterial
processes. Using these methods destroys the naturally occurring life
force in clean, fresh, well water and clear aquifer water. Those waters all
contain a natural Earth charge that can actually be measured when first
taken from their source. All the processing eliminates the very reason we
drink water - which is for the life forces released in the body when it
breaks water down into the hydrogen and oxygen used in maintaining life.
Starchamber Products International
Starchamber Vortically Enhanced Water
The problem begins when we bring water from wells and treat it with
various chemicals and electricity. This was graphically shown in
photographs presented at the International Water Conference held in
Pasadena in May 2001. Dr. Masaru Emoto showed his research
involved freezing water to subzero temperatures and then
photographing the crystals that are formed to show the result of their
exposure to stimuli. The pictures reveal that the water structure is
severely damaged by electrical processing. Not even
micro-clustering or any other process will recreate water's original
cold vortex in the Earth, a perfect crystal of stored energy. According
to many modern researchers.
In our presentation at the conference, Tom's research showed a new type of water
crystal, created using a previously unknown method of interacting with the core atoms of
hydrogen and elements of natural primal energy. The result is an absolutely perfectly
structured, rotating water crystal, created from the ultra pure distilled water we start
with. We go into the interior of the water crystal to reorganize the energy structure and
reprogram it to emit high levels of this so called living energy. This natural, organic
process causes the crystal to spin rapidly and give off strong electromagnetic pulses
(natural earth pulses) that are easily felt by most people. These are the vital lost
electrical signals the body uses to guide the water through the aquaporins.
This activity was first videotaped by the internationally known molecular water-energy researcher, Randy
Ziesenis, in his lab in Oklahoma using a 20,000-power microscope. The study revealed high-speed spinning
vortexes in our water, releasing balls of pure light, disseminating their energy into whatever they touch.
Starchamber first gave a paper on these phenomena at the International Forum on New Sciences Conference at
Colorado State University in 1991, where we discussed the process of restoring the human system using this
discovery. Our water adds this tremendous force to whatever it is placed into or on.
Our water is made using natural earth currents and the unified field as described by Einstein
and by our new research into Nikola Tesla's studies on free energy. The charging tool is an
organic device designed to collect the natural energies around us. The tool creates cold
vortical amplification and enhancement into the water to create the spinning effect we see in
the photos.

Herbs, tinctures and other medicinal elements also respond to the water as they move their
own vibratory energy through your system to set up the healing energy they were grown for.
Any alteration in the plant's water frequencies will cause the colloids in the medicines to alter
their crystalline forms, becoming much less/more effective at communicating their full
energy to the body.

From our high-energy water research here at Starchamber, we have developed other
unique precision research tools to utilize this original form of water.
"The natural cleansing effects of water are its single most important aspect, and
that importance to your health and nourishment is the best reason to question
your drinking water's purity and thus the presence of unaltered natural living

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